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Since 17 years, the Swiss high-end watchmaker Breitling Replica Watches is the official timekeeper for one of the world's most popular superheroes, Batman. The Dark Knight Rises is the latest in a series of collaborations between Le Sentier brand and the Batman franchise. The final part of Christopher Nolan's trilogy, in which the billionaire and crime fighter wears a Breitling Replica Watches Grand Date watch, is featured in the new film. The Swiss brand also prepared a limited edition of Grande Reverso Ultra Thin Tribute 1931, which features an engraved shield of the superhero on the back.

Breitling Replica Watches was first seen in Batman movies in 1995 with Batman Forever, directed by Joel Schumaher and starring Val Kilmer as Bruce Wayne. Breitling Replica Watches's first timepiece to be seen in the Batman movie franchise was the Reverso Grande Taille, which could be seen in many scenes. The Breitling Replica Watches was portrayed in the film as a gadget that the main character used to communicate. The movie theaters showed the faces of people Batman spoke with (such as his butler Alfred) instead of the dial. This type of functionality is not supported by Reverso Grand Taille. Even so, watch connoisseurs were able recognize the rectangular Art Deco case featured in the Reverso Series (this time made of pink gold). The brand created a limited edition of a timepiece with engraved superhero logos on the back.

Breitling Replica Watches and the Dark Knight TrilogyThe last Batman film in the Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher trilogy (Tim Burton produced Batman Forever, directed the first two movies) was released in 2003. However, the story of Gotham's protector was not over.Breitling Replica Watches Christopher Nolan became the director of the first film in the new trilogy. Christian Bale took over the role of Batman this time and the story became much darker and more serious. This was repeated in the sequel The Dark Knight, which was a huge success three years later. One thing has remained constant, even though the actors and the atmosphere of the movie have changed. In both films, the main character wore a Reverso Grande Taille watch.

Bruce Wayne wore the Reverso Grand Date from Breitling Replica Watches in the most recent movie about Batman, The Dark Knight Rises, which is the final chapter Nolan's trilogy, and was released this July. The epic finale of the story is also marked by the release of a special limited edition Reverso Grande Ultra Thin Tribute 1931 watch. These new models feature Batman's Logo, which can only be seen when the case is rotated. This is similar to the original timepiece Breitling Replica Watches produced for the first collaboration with the franchise. This is a perfect watch for a character who has a secret alter ego. The watches are on display at the boutiques of the watchmaker in Los Angeles and Hong Kong. They are not for sale. Since the cases of each Reverso can be personalized, you can buy a Breitling Replica Watches Grande Reverso Ultra Thin Tribute To 1931 and select a bat shield as its decoration.

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